Educate Together Welcomes €11.9 billion Investment in Education

Educate Together welcomes today’s announcement by the Department of Education and Skills of a number of measures to assist the implementation of the Action Plan for Education under Project 2040 the government’s €116 billion investment and development plan for the next decade. 

The package of measures includes: 

School facilities will also be upgraded: 

Said Paul Rowe, CEO of Educate Together: 

"Educate Together is pleased to see a wide-ranging package of measures that will surely improve the daily life of our school communities. It is encouraging to see such investment in both new builds and the upgrading of existing buildings. We sincerely hope that the Department of Education will plan effectively so that new schools can open in their new and permanent buildings rather than languishing in temporary and prefab accommodation for years. Educate Together looks forward to the day when children are educated in acceptable accommodation with access to adequate science, sports and ICT facilities. It is no less than our children deserve."