Family Fun Unplugged Game, Puzzle and Word Funnage

Family Fun Unplugged is packed full of exciting activities that will get any family gathering going or pass hours of fun with friends. Whether it's over dinner, on your summer holidays or just a rainy Saturday afternoon, you can put your digital device away and let your brain do the work! Stretch your mind and test your skills as you challenge, trick, and confuse your friends and family. 

Family Fun Unplugged will be available to purchase this June!


1. There are 5 brothers in a room. They are all occupied. Ruairí’s cooking, Eugene is playing chess, Joe is reading a book and Ronan is doing the laundry. What is the fifth brother doing?

2. Ellen bought a hockey stick for her daughter. When she got home, she realised it was too tall so she had to cut it down. She cut a piece off but it was too short. She then cut off another piece to make the hockey stick just right. How is this possible?

3. Sam says he can throw a ball as hard as he can and have it stop, change direction and finally come back to him. He claims the ball will not bounce or hit off anything and he will not use string or magnets or any props. How is this possible?

4. Where can you finish a book without finishing a sentence?

5. What will not break if you throw it off the roof of the highest building in the world but will fall apart if you drop it in the ocean? (There is more than 1 answer).

6. What can you hold in your right hand but never in your left hand?

7. A man goes to a party and says that he will be home for sunrise. Before he goes he is clean-shaven, but whenn he returns he has a full beard. How is this possible?

8. One night, after the sun went down, Frank and Ann were in the living room reading their books. Frank said he was going to bed and he turned the only light off. Ann continued to read in the room. How is this possible if she did not have any light?

Tricks of the mind: The Rope

A group of 4 people must walk across a rope bridge at night. There are rabid wolves who have got their scent and will reach the group in 17 minutes, so the entire group must get across the bridge within 17 minutes. Only 2 people can cross at a time and the group only have 1 torch, which means 1 of the people
must come back with the torch, as you cannot cross the bridge without light.

Each of the 4 people can cross the bridge at different speeds. One person takes 1 minute to cross, another takes 2 minutes to cross, another takes 5 minutes to cross, and the last person has been injured and takes 10 minutes to cross. When 2 people cross together, they can only go at the speed of the slower person. For example, if the 1-minute and 10-minute people cross together, it will take them 10 minutes to get to the other side. Each time 2 people cross, someone must return with the torch, until all 4 people have made it to the other side. How does everyone get across within 17 minutes, before the wolves reach them?

Word Funnage

» Two words in the English language begin with the letters he and finish with the letters he. What are they?Answer: Headache and heartache.

» The only word in the English language to end mt is dreamt.

» Orange and purple have no words that rhyme with them – or so they say. But there is a word sporange and it is a very rare alternative form of the word sporangium, which means part of a fern. Hirple means to walk with a limp and rhymes with purple. So they do have words that rhyme!

» The word queueing is the only word with 5 consecutive vowels.

» If you like toilet humour, ask someone to say “Hoof-hearted. Ice melted.” (Think about it!)

» There is no single-word name for the back of the knee. If you were in charge of making a word for it, what would it be?

» An ambigram is a word that looks the same from different viewpoints. For example, the word “SWIMS” will be the same even when turned upside down.

» The only 15-letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is uncopyrightable.