#stayathomereadabook - The Stay At Home Read A Book Challenge!

A new campaign by Children's book ambassador Sarah & Cillian Fitzgerald ( and Coco their dog..) encouraging kids and teens to read their favourite book and post the review on their website... The winners will receive some mega prizes with books donated by Irish authors and be published on their website on May 1st. Competition opens today on www.sarahsbookproject.com.  The campaign is in support of all the frontline emergency personnel and healthcare workers doing super work in a multi- agency collaboration for the people of Ireland. 

This challenge is designed to not only show respect for the phenomenal healthcare workers of Ireland by staying at home, but is also something to help you pass the time effectively. We've said it before and we'll say it again- Read To Succeed! Reading improves your vocab, memory and attention while also reducing your risk of developing Alzheimer's, dementia or depression! Here is how to get involved in the challenge:

1. Read a book (or books!) at home.
2. Review the book you have read, and send the review, plus your name and age, to us through the 'Get in Touch'  section at the bottom of this website. 
3. One entry per person, entries must be submitted on or before April 30th 4. Winners will be announced here on May 1st. All three will have their reviews posted on the website and lots of mega prizes from book vouchers to Books from authors donated and more to be announced as they are flooding in...

Be sure to post a picture of yourself reading (or a picture of your book) on social media using #stayathomereadabook to spread the positivity and gratitude! We wish you all the best of luck and we will be posting some book review tips soon!