20 Things to do this month

Summer is nearly upon us! The gloriously long, sunny days ahead mean heaps more time to have fun and get active. Primary Times takes a look at things to do during the month of May.

1. Do a pond study 
Get down to the local pond and see what bugs and beasts you can spot!

2. Pick a language 
Learn to count to 10. Uno, dos, tres…

3. Hit the beach 
Comb the coast for shells and explore the rock pools at your nearest seaside.

4. Make flower crowns 
Take a seat in the grass and make a pretty crown of flowers to wear all day.

5. Cartwheels! 
Can you do them? Try!

6. Plant some sunflowers 
Start a family challenge – who can grow the tallest sunflower?

7. Open a car wash 
Have fun, and get some chores done. Wash the family car together until it shines like new.

8. Get creative with chalks 
Turn a path into a vibrant rainbow or make a hopscotch grid. There’s lots of fun and games to be had with chalk.

9. Camp at home 
Pitch a tent in your garden. Too cold or wet? Then put up the tent inside instead. Sleeping anywhere that isn’t your normal bed is fun!

10. Unwind with some yoga 
Let’s all slow-down the pace and practice our tree pose.

11. Have a sleepover 
Grab a pillow and quilt and head for the living room! It’s movie and sleepover night tonight!

12. Visit the local swimming pool 
Don’t forget your goggles… the local pool is always buckets of fun.

13. Water fight! 
When it’s too hot outside to handle, there’s only one thing to do… water fight!

14. Bake some bread 
Focaccia! Mix 7g of yeast into one side of a 500g bowl of bread flour, and 2tsp of salt into the other side. Mix everything together and add 2 tbsp of oil to the middle. Slowly add 375ml of lukewarm water until you have a mildly sticky dough. Knead for 5-10 mins on a floured surface. Prove in a covered bowl for 1hr. Stretch the dough on a well-oiled tin and prove for another 35mins. Dimple the dough and season. Bake for 20 mins at 220C/200Cfan.

15. Send a postcard 
They aren’t just for holidays - design one yourself and send it to someone special.

16. Visit the charity shop 
Donate some toys that you no longer need. Maybe you’ll find something you like more!

17. Make a bird bath 
It’s not just people who get hot, the birds need a drink too. Leave a bowl of water out in the garden where you can see it, and watch what wildlife it attracts.

18. Board game picnic 
What could be more fun than a board game and a picnic put together?

19. Take a scooter ride 
Find a scenic route and take the scooters on a long trip around the local park.

20. Write a song 
Get musical and write a song all about the things you’ve done this half-term.