10 perfect party bag fillers

Get prepped as Primary Times explores some fabulous ideas for party bag goodies to help out the party planners of the family

Organising a children’s birthday party or celebration can require lots of careful consideration and forward-planning. It might sometimes feel like there’s a never-ending to-do list to sort out! These handy and fun items might help you tick one thing off your list nice and early this year…

10 ideas for children’s party bags

What do you put in a party bag? To keep children entertained or for some ideas of treats to include, look no further!

A perfect party bag item that the more artistic guests will love. Colouring crayons or even a little set of bath crayons can be fun for all ages! Great for encouraging children to unleash their creative side.

Buy a multipack or tub of sweets and then divide up the little portions yourself for each guest, pick and mix style. This can sometimes be more cost-effective and you might even have some sweet treats left over to enjoy as a family after the party!

Mini games make great additions to any party bag. From noughts and crosses, puzzles, or a mini pack of playing cards, it’s something that children can enjoy using with friends or for playing at home going forwards.

🎈A packet of flower or growing seeds
Seed packets make for a lovely, unique and educational gift. Various different wildflower seeds can be found online or perhaps even in your local garden centre! Encourage children and families to get out in nature and plant them together.

Get creative! You could theme the sticker sheets around the time of year for example, or stickers based on your child’s interests. Animal stickers or popular children’s characters can be fun too. Guests can then use their stickers at home for scrapbooking or even decorating their party bag itself afterwards.

🎈A yo-yo
A classic children’s toy! From wonderful little wooden yo-yos with pretty patterns, or you could choose some yo-yos with colourful animal designs for the youngest guests too.

🎈Slime or play putty
A little individual pot of slime or play putty makes for a fantastic gift. The bright, vibrant colours can encourage sensory play as children explore its interesting texture. You might even be able to find some noise-making putty or slime too!

🎈Cookie cutters
A handy tool that can be taken home and used for lots of family baking sessions! Choose the cookie cutters wisely - from interesting shapes like stars, numbers, or even dinosaurs, it’s up to you!

🎈Bubble machines/bubble blowers
A small bubble machine or a bubble blower can be a great party bag gift. Children (and admittedly, some adults too!) are fascinated by bubbles and love seeing them float higher and higher towards the sky. Little ones can try to catch or chase after them, or see which party guest can blow the biggest bubble of all!

🎈A bookmark
Bookmarks can be exciting, with lots of different styles and designs to choose from! How about animal or robot themed bookmarks? Or, you and your child could spend a creative afternoon together making your own bookmarks personalised to each guest.

A slice of birthday cake can be lovely too! For those wanting to make their party bags as eco-friendly as possible, focus on items made from sustainable or recyclable materials and the things that encourage children to spend time outdoors or being creative. Paper party bags rather than plastic are also a great option!

It shouldn’t have to be a source of stress. Whether you choose to do party bags or not, the main thing is that your child and family and friends enjoy themselves, making happy memories of the day!