Autism Training from AUsome Training

AUsome Training is Ireland's First Autistic-led autism training company. What does Autistic-led mean? It means that our training is run, researched and delivered by people who are themselves Autistic. "Autism Training" which is not Autistic-led is based merely on assumptions made by those who are not Autistic themselves. It is also based on outdated theory and approaches that are not supported by the very people they seek to help.

What are just some differences? 

  1. Autism Training says that Autistic children have deficits or difficulties in social skills. AUsome Training shows you recent research which contradicts that and we explain why Autistic people's communication differs in purpose and in delivery. Read more.

  2. Autism Training promotes the idea that Autistic children need to be taught how to behave in social situations AUsome Training shows you how damaging it is to teach Autistic children to pretend to be someone they are not. Read more.

  3. Autism Training promotes behavioural approaches without understanding the emotional stress under those "behaviours". AUsome Training explains how any behaviour is a response to the environment and assesses the environment for Autistic children. Read more.

  4. Autism Training describes stimming as self-regulatory or stereotyped behaviour. AUsome Training explains what stimming really is, why we do it and how wonderfully complex it is. Read more.  

  5. Autism Training is not inline with the views and experiences of Autistic adults. AUsome Training platforms Autistic views and experiences.


The ONLY people who understand what it is like to be Autistic are Autistic people. Autistic people were excluded from research, policies, therapies and discussions around autism for almost a century. AUsome Training is here to put that right and to create a better world for Autistic children and adults.


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